Floor System

The Regular Floor Pocket:

How it’s built:
• (RFP) is constructed by sewing the PVC floor top and bottom to a zipper along the perimeter edge of the floor pocket.
• An air floor AIREcell is placed inside the pocket which keeps the floor rigid and buoyant.
• Drain holes are built into the bottom of the floor pocket.

Design Advantages:
• Aids in tracking and stability.
• While on the river, water will enter the drain holes and add ballast to the boat.
• This extra ballast creates a low center of gravity which helps the raft ‘stick’ to the water and can sometimes help prevent a flip.

Recommended for:
• This design comes standard with all our rafts.
• Great choice for paddle rafts of all sizes.
• Rafting big and technical whitewater.

The Sealed Floor Pocket:

How it’s built:
• (SFP) is constructed by welding the PVC floor top and bottom together along the perimeter to form a water proof pocket.
• Two Watertight zippers are installed on the floor top to access the air floor AIREcell.
• 3 valves are installed. The inflation valve, the pressure relief valve and a burp valve that relieves air pressure caught between the AIREcell and the floor pocket.

Design Advantages:
• The SFP does not take on any water to ballast, this will make the raft slightly faster and more responsive in whitewater.
• Owners don’t have to wait a couple minutes at the take out for water to drain out of the raft floor pocket.
• No need to rinse out the floor pocket after a trip down a silty river. 

Recommended for:
• Good choice for rowing large, gear hauling rafts.
• Rivers that require portages.
• The SFP is a good option when mostly running silty rivers.